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2022 Statehouse Report #11

H. 5057 - Tax Conformity

Each year, the South Carolina House passes a tax conformity bill, which ensures that the State and Federal tax codes align. This is an important bill to ensure that when you go to file your taxes, our State rules match those of the Federal Government, streamlining the process. This year’s tax conformity bill came out of the House Ways and Means Committee this week.


 H. 4918 - Return to Work

The House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill that expands the earnings limitation on retired South Carolina police officers who desire to return to work. This bill increases the amount that may be earned without affecting the monthly retirement allowance from $10k to $50k for certain retired members. 


H. 3340 - Utilities Infrastructure Project License Tax Credits

Under state law, some taxpayers are given tax credits for contributions they make to infrastructure and economic development projects. This bill, which came out of committee this week, increases the maximum annual credit amount for qualifying projects and increases eligibility requirements for increased credits. Finally, the bill allows unused tax credits to be carried forward for 3 tax years.


H. 3120 - Tax Credit for Perpetual Trail Easements

This bill, which also came out of Ways and Means this week, provides an income tax credit to a property owner whose property has a perpetual recreational trail easement. In other words, a landowner agrees to the creation and maintenance of a public trail on their property without giving up ownership of the land but will receive a tax credit for doing so. 


H. 3346 - Tax Reserves Increased 

One of my priorities during this legislative year was to increase reserves and rainy-day funds to prepare financially for the unexpected future. Two weeks ago I voted for the bill that will gradually raise the reserve from 5% to 7%. It also increased capital reserve funds from 2% to 3%. Altogether, South Carolina is saving 10% of revenue per year. This week, the House received an amended version of the bill from the Senate, which will be reviewed, worked on, and taken back up at the beginning of May.


Other Bills Passed in the House

  • Birth Certificates: H. 5000 allows adopted individuals to access their original birth certificate at the age of 18, given they have the consent of their biological parent or proof that their biological parent is deceased.

  • Medical Ethics:  H. 4776 is the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act, which authorizes doctors and other medical practitioners to deny services that violate their conscience. This bill ensures that the healthcare individual or the entity cannot be held liable for discrimination for siding with their conscience.

Finally, on Wednesday, March 30th, candidate filing closed. I decided to file for office again this year and will be running for re-election to the South Carolina House. Serving as your Representative has been one of my greatest blessings, and I would be honored to have your support. If I can ever be of assistance please reach out to me.


It's an honor and privilege to serve as your representative in district 39.



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