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As our next State Representative, Cal’s number 1 priority will be working for the people of district 39. That’s why Cal will have an open door policy. Whether you want to stop by Price’s Metal Shop, visit his office, or call him on the phone, Cal will be accessible to his constituents.

Jobs, The Economy, and Taxes

Cal knows that the backbone of our economy is our small businesses. As our next State Representative, Cal will work to eliminate burdensome regulations and streamline our complicated tax code. Cal is a proponent of a fairer and flatter tax system that allows more money to stay in the hands of hardworking taxpayers and allows small business owners to reinvest and create more jobs.

Roads and Infrastructure

Cal is a firm believer that our roads and infrastructure are in a state of disrepair not because of limited funding, but because of a wastefully system of bureaucracy. As our next State Representative, Cal will never vote to raise the gas tax. Instead, he’ll fight to eliminate unnecessary programs, audit the Department of Transportation, and fight to reform and streamline the agencies that oversee our roads.

Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights

Cal is an unequivocal supporter of our right to bear arms, an owner of a firearm store, and a FFL dealer. Cal supports constitutional carry, eliminating barriers for law abiding citizens to legally and responsibly carry firearms, expanding our gun rights so that law abiding citizens can protect their persons and property, and making it harder for criminals to access firearms.

Reducing the Size and Scope of Government

Cal believes that a government that governs least, governs best. As our next State Representative, Cal will work to limit the size and scope of government. Cal recognizes that the government has a role, but a very limited one. That’s why he’ll keep government off the back of taxpayers and fight to limit government to its core functions.


Cal is a strong supporter of returning decisions in education back into the hands of parents, teachers, and local school districts. For far too long the federal government has tried to control education in South Carolina, including forcing the Common Core Curriculum on our classrooms. Cal opposes Common Core and any attempt by the Federal government to dictate education in South Carolina. As our next State Representative, Cal will work to return education back to where it belongs – into the hands of parents, teachers, and local school districts.

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