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2022 Statehouse Report # 1

We begin another year in South Carolina with a Republican majority in the House, the Senate, and a Republican Governor. I look forward to championing many conservative issues together. Below are the big 5 important items that my colleagues and I have set out as our Republican Caucus Agenda for 2022: 

  1. Redistricting: Every decade, our state leaders work together to redraw our State’s legislative districts to accommodate for population shifts and ensure that everyone in our state is being fairly represented. During our first week back, we worked to finalize our Congressional plan. To see if your House, Senate, or Congressional district might change in 2022, visit  

  2. A Facelift for SC: This year, South Carolina will receive several billion Federal dollars, and our job is to figure out how to use it. I am committed to using this money wisely, prioritizing conservative budgeting and spending, while giving South Carolina’s roads, highways, water, sewer, and broadband connectivity a much needed facelift and expansion.

  3. Cutting Taxes: I believe in basic Republican principles, and that means keeping taxes low. This year, as we prepare and finalize our state budget, I will vote to cut income taxes for the hard-working people of South Carolina and District XX. 

  4. Election Integrity and Reform: Free and fair elections are one of the fundamental building blocks of our democracy. This year, I am dedicated to passing legislation that creates uniformity and consistency in the way elections are run in the state. Through this, we can be sure to uphold the integrity of every single vote cast in South Carolina.

  5. Education Savings Accounts (ESA): Adopting ESAs would give low-income families access to educational options. Parents of eligible students will receive a flexible education grant to purchase education services from the provider of their choosing. I look forward to giving parents more choice in how to best educate their children. 

I look forward to accomplishing these goals and more in 2022. It is my honor to serve you in the South Carolina House of Representatives. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me.


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