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2021 Statehouse Report # 15

In-Person Learning

We also passed a bill that would require all school districts in South Carolina to give an option for 5 days a week, in-person learning by April 26th, allowing parents to decide what learning format is the best fit for their student. This bill will also suspend the earning limitation for retired teachers, ensuring that retired teachers come back to school without fear of too little compensation. We then sent it back to the Senate, where they amended it, the House concurred and it was sent to the Governor to be signed into law on Thursday. This is a huge, necessary step to getting our students back on track on their path to having a solid education. It also allows parents the freedom to choose what educational route is best for their student. 

Other Legislative News

Safe Haven for Infants This bill, H. 4019, allows for infants up to one year old to be surrendered to a safe haven location without criminal prosecution of the parent. This extends the definition of infant from the previous 60-days-old definition, providing more protections for more children for a longer period of time. 

Insulin for Students On Tuesday, H. 3336 passed the SC House, allowing volunteers in schools who have been fully trained by a registered nurse to administer glucagon, insulin, or both to students who may need it. Ensuring that the students who require medicine receive it safely is a huge priority, especially under the current high stress COVID-19 circumstances. 

Standing Trial To be able to receive due process (as enumerated in the Constitution), a defendant must reach a level of mental competency to stand trial. Previously, the evaluation period for mental competency to stand trial was a mere 60 days. This week, the House unanimously passed a bill that extends the evaluation period to 180 days. 


Governor McMaster and House Speaker Jay Lucas joined the South Carolina Manufacturers 

Alliance this week to release an “Economic Impact of South Carolina” study and discussed the huge role that manufacturing plays in South Carolina’s economy. 

Here are some highlights from the report: 

  • 30% of jobs in SC are tied to manufacturing

  • 38% of SC’s general fund comes from manufacturing

  • Manufacturing has a $206B impact each year in SC

  • 16% of SC’s GDP is associated with manufacturing

  • For every 10 manufacturing jobs created, another 14 other jobs are created elsewhere in SC

In case you missed it: In South Carolina this Week

  • Former South Carolina House Member, House Republican Caucus Member, and former US Attorney Peter McCoy was nominated to Chairman of the Santee Cooper Board of Directors this week. 

  • It was announced this week that House Republican Caucus Member and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Murrell Smith will be among the group of state and national leaders speaking at the USC Class of 2021 commencement this May. 

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It is my honor to be of service to you and to serve District 39. If you need assistance navigating through the flow of information on COVID-19, navigating state government, or have any thoughts or concerns about what we are doing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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