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2021 Statehouse Report # 11

Increased Reserves

$18.7 million in additional funding to the General Reserve Fund and $7.5 million to the Capital Reserve Fund. 

An extra $500 million appropriated for a Pandemic Stabilization Reserve Fund. 

These additions bring South Carolina’s total reserves to $1.1 billion.

Disaster Relief and Resilience Reserve Fund

$50 million to begin a statewide Disaster Relief and Resilience For Disaster relief assistance, Hazard mitigation, Infrastructure improvements, & Statewide resilience planning

Scholarship Reserves

$31.5 million for a Scholarship Trust Fund, a ‘rainy-day’  fund to cover scholarships in future years of potential lottery revenue shortfalls 

State Employees & Employee Benefits

$5.9 million to fully cover the state employee health and dental insurance increases so employees will have no additional monthly premium cost.

Local Government

$17.6 million to fully fund the Local Government Fund including the FY 19-20 appropriation. 

Disaster Recovery

$12.7 million for the FEMA state match for Hurricane Dorian. 


$30 million to continue statewide broadband efforts

Public Education

$50 million to increase the Base Student Cost to $2,500.

$48 million for instructional materials.

$5.5 million to fund a full-time nurse in every school.

$10 million for full-day 4K through First Steps (33% increase, adding an additional 600 children)

$15 million recurring and $9.5 million non-recurring for public charter school growth.

$2 million increase for School Resource Officers

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities: $150 million in non-recurring for maintenance, renovations, and capital needs at colleges.

Technical Colleges: $10 million for maintenance and capital needs.

$2.5 million for the “ReadySC” job training program, which provides customized training for new and expanding businesses and industries.

Scholarships and Tuition Aid

$318 million to fully fund LIFE, HOPE, and Palmetto Fellows Scholarships through the Lottery for the 6th year in a row. 

$51 million in the Lottery for Tuition Assistance (LTAP)

$60 million for Needs-Based Grants which goes to help the most in need college students ($40 million increase)

$20 million for Tuition Grants ($10 million increase)

Department of Commerce

$3.7 million for the Deal Closing Fund to continue recruiting new jobs and industry. 

Forestry Commission

$1 million for firefighting equipment.

Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

$15 million for Destination Specific Marketing. 

$5 million for tourism advertising grants. This is advertising that attracts and retains out-of-state dollars to multiple areas of the state. 

$1.1 million for the South Carolina Association of Tourism Regions. 

Department of Corrections

$90 million in flexibility from CARES Act funds for institution upgrades for the safety of the public, officers, and inmates. 

$4.7 million for law enforcement & correctional officers retention. 

$2 million for medical staffing retention. 

$4.5 million in funds for contract nursing.

Probation, Pardon, and Parole Services

$2 million for law enforcement retention. 

$500,000 for the Mental Health Program.

This Program is aimed to 1) improve access to standardized screening and assessment tools; 2) create collaborative comprehensive case management plans that address identified needs, and 3) coordinate wraparound services that establish stability for offenders living with mental illness. 

State Law Enforcement Division

$1.4 million for law enforcement STEP increases.

$250,000  for law enforcement PTSD needs

Department of Public Safety

$2 million for law enforcement STEP increases.

$750,000 for agency vehicle rotation.

$600,000 for communication equipment replacement. 

Department of Natural Resources

$1.3 million for law enforcement STEP increases and overtime needs.

$1.6 million for Wildlife Management Areas.

Conservation Bank

$2 million in additional funds for Conservation Grants.

Transportation and Regulatory

$683,142 for funding of the State Broadband Office.

Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation 

$850,000 for Urban Search and Rescue. Funds will replace equipment that is now over 15 years old and communication technology that is no longer viable. 

$250,000 for FAST Program/PTSDTreatment for firefighters through State Fire. 

$3.7 million for Firefighter Cancer Healthcare Benefits Plan in accordance with Act 168 of 2020. 

Election Commission

$1.4 million for state matching funds for 2020 Help America Vote Act Grants.

The pandemic complicated and challenged this budget in many ways, so I extend my gratitude to the Ways and Means Committee and staff for all their hard work and dedication. Once we have a better understanding of what the state tax revenue looks like for this year, I will update you on how that money will be used. 

Looking Ahead

Next week is a furlough week. This gives us a week off - time to be back in our districts, regroup and refocus after an intense 11 weeks of session. Furloughing next week saves South Carolina taxpayers over $50,000. The week after, we will be back to work - business as usual.

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