About Cal Forrest

sCal Forrest is a devoted son, loving brother, caring uncle, and active member of his community. Cal is the current manager for Price’s Metal Shop in Ridge Spring and a small business owner, having operated an outdoor and firearms store since 2010.

The son of Vickie and James Corder and the late Cally R. Forrest, Cal was born in Augusta but soon moved to Batesburg-Leesville as a toddler. Cal attended and graduated from Batesburg-Leesville High School in 1995 and attended Clemson University.

Never afraid of manual labor, Cal returned home in 1998 and began working as a welder. Sadly, at the age of 24, Cal suffered a traumatic injury that left him paralyzed.

Those days remain some of the darkest of Cal’s life but his faith in God and support from many allowed Cal to overcome the physical limitations and emotional scars left that day. That accident taught Cal about the fragility of our existence, the precious gift of life, the resolve of the human spirit, and the necessity to live without regret – to give everything in all we do, to speak with sincerity in our hearts, and to live for the betterment of the people around us.

It is from these experiences in which Cal views our small corner of our state and sees a need for a legislator who will fight to lower our taxes, limit the size and scope of government, eliminate wasteful spending, protect our second amendment rights, end the burdensome regulations on our small business owners, and, most importantly, bring meaningful representation to the citizens of Lexington and Saluda Counties.

Today, Cal remains active in the Saluda and Batesburg-Leesville communities. He is a member of the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, and sponsors youth baseball teams in District 39. He knows many of you and looks forward to meeting many more of you. He is in touch with the interests and needs of his district.